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Eagle Valley Ranch is located in rural Poplar Bluff, MO and spreads out as far as the eye can see for several acres. There are many open areas nestled in with a backdrop of tree covered hills. Along the way you will cross quite a few creek crossing and a pond. 

Poplar Bluff takes its name from a bluff that overlooks Black River. When first settled, the bluff was covered with Poplar Trees. The Butler County Courthouse and the offices of the city's Daily American Republic newspaper sit on this site. Poplar Bluff lies along an escarpment separating the Ozark Foothills from the Mississippi embayment in Southeast Missouri. The foothills lie to the north and west and the embayment is to the south and east. The surrounding area is commonly known as the "Three Rivers" with many local organizations and businesses using the name. The three rivers—Current River, Black River, and St. Francis River—are 40 miles apart with Poplar Bluff located in the center on the Black River. 

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